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Drumragh senior ladies get back to winning ways

By Patrick Griffin Wed 26th Jul

Drumragh senior ladies get back to winning ways
Drumragh senior ladies get back to winning ways

DRUMRAGH……….4-12 | POMEROY……….3-10

Drumragh senior ladies beat Pomeroy in the league at Clanabogan on Sunday evening.

Drumragh started in a determined fashion, opening the scoring with a Beth Donaghy free, followed by a well-worked Rhianna Barrett goal, where Nicola Taggart proved to be the link player.

Rihanna Mullin added a point, and Pomeroy replied with a goal. Rihanna scored a further 1-1, followed also by 1-1 from the hard-working Aine McManus, driving forward from midfield. The final two scores of the half were both Beth Donaghy points, after good play from Rhianna Barrett, Sorcha McKenna and Shannon Starrs.

Beth Donaghy again opened the scoring in the second half with a point, before scoring a fine individual goal. The midfield pairing of Aine McManus and Coblaith McKenna were taking control of the game, and putting Drumragh on the front foot.

Aine McManus scored another point after some fine fielding, while Pomeroy answered back with a goal.

The Drumragh defence was well-marshalled by the Gallagher sisters, Mia and Evie, with Grace McCusker, Shannon Starrs and Rachel Cleary defending tenaciously, and driving forward at every opportunity. Laura-Jayne Donnelly also had a good outing in her goalkeeping debut.

A raft of changes were made in the second half with Caoimhe McCarron coming on to score two points. Other Drumragh substitutes were Genevieve Norris, Jemma Barrett, Dara McNabb, Mia Feeney, Aoibhinn Gallagher, Lily O’Kane, Mairead Corrigan, Julieanne Quinn and Amylee Burt.

SCORERS: Beth Donaghy 1-5, Rihanna Mullin 1-2, Aine McManus 1-2, Rhianna Barrett 1-1, Caoimhe McCarron 0-2

TEAM: Laura Jayne Donnelly, Lily O’Kane, Mia Gallagher, Rachel Cleary, Shannon Starrs, Evie Gallagher, Grace McCusker, Coblaith McKenna, Aine McManus, Sorcha McKenna, Beth Donaghy, Nicola Taggart, Rhianna Barrett, Rihanna Mullin
SUBS: Genevieve Norris, Jemma Barrett, Aoibinn Gallagher, Mia Feeney, Dara McNabb, Lily O’Kane, Mairead Corrigan, Amylee Burt, Julieanne Quinn


Drumragh captain Coblaith McKenna pictured before the game with the Pomeroy captain and referee

By Patrick Griffin Wed 26th Jul

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