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Winning start for Drumragh minor boys

By Patrick Griffin Thu 27th Jul

Winning start for Drumragh minor boys
Winning start for Drumragh minor boys

Drumragh minor boys got their year off to the best possible way with victory over Tattyreagh at Clanabogan Park on Monday evening.

Drumragh made a dream start. Oran Devlin won the ball from the throw-in, drove through the Tattyreagh defence and laid the ball off to Aidan McCarney who fired the ball past the goalkeeper.

Conor Gormley and Niall McCarney quickly added points while Carraig McKenna scored goal number two after good build-up play from Lorcan McGrath and Aaron Lynch.

Tattyreagh got on the scoreboard with a point, but Drumragh answered back with goals from Niall Maguire, Niall McCarney and Cahir McAnenly.

Niall Maguire set up Aidan McCarney for a point, before Oran Devlin won the ball from a kickout, went on a strong run forward and fired to the back of the net.

Aidan McCarney, Ryan Montgomery, Cahir McAnenly and Niall Maguire all sent the ball over the bar. Corner back Sean O’Kane then got in for a goal. Oisin Kerlin won the ball back, and his pass inside was met first time by Sean. That shot hit the crossbar, but he was on hand to win the rebound and score the goal.

Ryan Montgomery opened the scoring in the second half with a free, while Lorcan McGrath added a super score from play after goalkeeper Sean O’Doherty, Carraig McKenna and Mattie O’Donnell had carried the ball upfield.

Tattyreagh scored a quick 1-1, with Oisin McManus responding for Drumragh with a point. A brilliant pass forward from Ryan Montgomery allowed Oran Devlin to score a point, and he soon added another.

Drumragh introduced subs Dara Cox, Connor McLaughlin, Ryan Baxter and Frankie Monk, who all had impacts as they continued to play well.

Tattyreagh were on target twice, but Dylan Lowry and Oisin McManus kicked good scores from play for Drumragh with Ryan Montgomery concluding the scoring with another free.

SCORERS: Aidan McCarney 1-2, Oran Devlin 1-2, Niall Maguire 1-1, Niall McCarney 1-1, Cahir McAnenly 1-1, Sean O’Kane 1-0, Carraig McKenna 1-0, Ryan Montgomery 0-3, Oisin McManus 0-2, Conor Gormley 0-1, Lorcan McGrath 0-1, Dylan Lowry 0-1

TEAM: Sean O’Doherty, Sean O’Kane, Mattie O’Donnell, Carraig McKenna, Ryan Montgomery, Lorcan McGrath, Oran Devlin, Niall McCarney, Conor Gormley, Cahir McAnenly, Niall Maguire, Aidan McCarney, Aaron Lynch
SUBS: Oisin Kerlin, Oisin McManus, Dylan Lowry, Dara Cox, Connor McLaughlin, Ryan Baxter, Frankie Monk,

By Patrick Griffin Thu 27th Jul

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